Thank you for trying the free XPL processing tool. XPL FREE is a command line tool that transforms individual XPL files into valid XML files. It transforms XML special text characters (<,>,',",&), which are allowed in XPL, to the escaped forms allowed in XML and writes the XML file in the encoding specified in the declaration. XPL FREE was created by using the XPL Parser and source code included in the developer suite. Click XPL Parser Details if you want to learn more about XPL.

Technical requirements: You will need a tool for extracting the contents of a jar file. If using the Java jar tool, the command line command is:
jar xf HLLXPLFREEv1.0.jar
You will also need JRE 7 or later installed to run XPL FREE.

The free tool is available simply by clicking on the link below. Providing your email address is optional. Please do so if you would like to receive information from the High Level Logic Project regarding upgrades and future products. XPL is just a piece of what the project is creating that can obviously be useful in other work.

No tricks. There is no malware or adware, etc. The download contains the free tool. By accepting the free software you agree not to misrepresent, misuse, or redistribute the software. See the README.txt file for details. You may of course share the web address to this page in order to share the tool with others.

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You might be interested in checking this site for more information about the product, supplementing instructions that are included in the download; and be sure to check the High Level Logic blog for related articles and new product information.

Note that we do not currently provide any individual technical support but may response to general questions related to blog articles, and we look forward to your thoughts on this product and possible improvements.